Privacy Policy

My Committment to Privacy

Your privacy is very important and I treat it with the same conscientiousness as I do my own.

The Information I Collect

I collect no information through this website. There is no tracking. All viewing of this site is completely anonymous.

Any information I collect is through personal contact... email, telephone, mail, etc. The information I collect is generally limited to name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

I may collect additional information for purposes of payments. This information is kept completely private and is used for no other reason than the transaction for which it is provided.

How I May Use Your Information

I will use your information for purposes of directly contacting you.

If I use your identity for advertising purposes, it is only with your prior full knowledge and permission.

I never share your personal information except as it may be required for our mutual needs and only with your knowledge and permission.

I keep a list of contacts and customers in order to facilitate communications. I may also send a news email to this list. If you wish to be taken off this list, please contact me.

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How to contact me:

I can be contacted from the Contact page.