Pen Community

The PENguin — Rick Propas, aka "The PENguin", is a major collector of Pelikan pens as well as being quite an authority on them. Rick and I collaborated to produce the PENguin Limited Edition Pen.

Paul's Pens — Paul Erano is a collector of vintage pens as well as a writer, particularly known for his outstanding book Fountain Pens Past and Present. Paul also publishes a fine magazine — the Fountain Pen Journal.


John Mottishaw — John has been supplying, repairing and customizing nibs for many years. He's a great source for many vintage and modern nibs of various styles.

Greg Minuskin — Greg has developed quite an exemplary reputation for nib work over the last few years. I'd be very happy to use one of his nibs in a pen.

Friends and Family

Deborah Corsini — Tapestry weaver

Harold Corsini — Photographic archives at the University of Pittsburgh