Pen Community

Henry Simpole — Henry Simpole is well known for his beautiful overlays, one of which I'm proud to present on my pens.

The PENguin — Rick Propas, aka "The PENguin", is a major collector of Pelikan pens as well as being quite an authority on them. Rick and I collaborated to produce the PENguin Limited Edition Pen.

Paul's Pens — Paul Erano is a collector of vintage pens as well as a writer, particularly known for his outstanding book Fountain Pens Past and Present.


John Mottishaw — John has been supplying, repairing and customizing nibs for many years. He's a great source for many vintage and modern nibs of various styles.

Greg Minuskin — Greg has developed quite an exemplary reputation for nib work over the last few years. I'd be very happy to use one of his nibs in a pen.

American Art Plastics — Started by Dave Nishimura and Mark Hoover, American Art Plastics is a new source for special materials (e.g. Celluloid, Hard Rubber) that emulate those of the early pens. Dave and Mark have been in the vintage pen community for years and between them have considerable knowledge of fountain pens and materials.

Friends and Family

Deborah Corsini — Tapestry weaver

Harold Corsini — Photographic archives at the University of Pittsburgh