Red Hard Rubber Crescents

There's hardly a nicer material than red hard rubber for a vintage pens. And there's little more vintage in style and appearance than the crescent filler. Put them together and quite a beautiful pen emerges.

I've made a few of these pens, and one of them is my one favorite "keeper" —the pen I'll never let go of. A couple others are in great hands now.

I've used a few different batches or RHR, and am now awaiting some newer material for a special project. Notice that there are three different shades, from a brighter orange to a more subdued brownish tint. The pen on the left was a favorite, but made from material that's not currently available.

From the best material, I had just enough to get two pens, as long as one was a bit short in the barrel. But that worked out very nicely in this case.

The crescent is turned from brass with concentric rings. The lock ring is modeled from the early Conklin lock rings.

Nothing like a nice Conklin #4 nib for the shorter version.

The longer pen has a Waterman's Emblem nib in the larger 18 size.