PENguin LE

The PENguin LE was developed as a collaboration with Rick Propas, aka The PENguin.

Rick's collecting specialty is Pelikan pens so he wanted a pen that would evoke the heritage of the German pens.

In keeping with Rick's moniker, I wanted the pen to also reflect the image of a Penguin. I chose the Emperor Penguin as the model, with the basic black and white color scheme, accented with amber rings.

This is a piston filling pen of good size, but with nice balance, even with the cap posted.

The top of the barrel has a clear amber area in which to see the ink level.

The barrel "binde" is made of a modern "alternative ivory" material. Instead of a cold white, this material reflects the living nature of the bird.

The black components are all made from hard rubber.

The clip, cast from solid 10K gold, is designed to resemble the Penguin beak.

The PENguin LE is limited to 20 production pens, each entirely hand made.

January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day.