Droplet Pattern Overlay Pen

The Droplet Pattern Overlay Pen is the result of a collaboration with Henry Simpole of London, known worldwide for his beautiful silver and gold overlays that can be found on many Conway Stewart and Onoto pens, as well as his own creations.

I've known Henry for many years as a pen collector. He and I are both drawn to the early 20th century styles, particularly Art Nouveau. It seemed natural that a Simpole overlay would go well with my pen. We started with the idea of designing the overlays such that the pen would have the general appearance of the very early overlays seen on Parkers, Watermans and others. We wanted a design which was not overbearing, and allowed a nice amount of the underlying pen to show through. Henry prototyped the overlay while I prototyped the pen. Recently we got together to see how they fit and the result was a go on our joint project.


We will be producing up to 20 examples of this pen, all hand made from German hard rubber in red or black. It's impossible to find a red hard rubber today that looks just like the early pens so we selected two shades of red, both of which produce a very nice contrast to the silver overlay. And the classic black always looks terrific with an overlay. There will be a limited number of each color.

The pens will be offered with two different filling systems -- button and piston. The button system is that used on many of my other pens, with a sac and pressure bar, working like the early 20th century button filler Parkers and others. The piston, on the other hand, is made with a modern high quality German piston unit as seen here.

Both the button filler and piston filler utilize a blind cap on the end of the barrel.


In the case of the piston filler, a twist knob in matching hard rubber is located under the blind cap to activate the piston.

Button filler pens use a hand machined brass button and collar.

The photo below shows the pen between a Pelikan M1000 and Pelikan M800. This pen is between those two in size.

The length of the pen when closed is 5.605", when posted it's 7.5". As with nearly all my pens, there is a small thread on the end of the blind cap to allow the cap to be posted without having to push it on the barrel and risk scuffing or breaking. The diameter of the cap is .610"; barrel diameter is .550". The section tapers from .465" to about .410". The length of the section is .750". Since each pen is completely hand made, there may be very slight differences.

Due to the weight of the piston filler unit, the piston pens are far heavier than the button filler pens. The weight of the button filler pen is approximately 1oz, whereas the piston filler pen is about 1.7oz.

Button filler pens are priced at $1425 in black or $1475 in red.
Piston filler pens are priced at $1600 in black or $1650 in red.

The pens are only available directly from Bruno Corsini Pens or Henry Simpole. A few pens have been made up and will be available very soon, while others may be made to order. Pens acquired from Henry will be provided with modern nibs. Pens acquired from Bruno Corsini Pens may, if desired, be ordered with vintage nibs, depending on availability. Buyer provider nibs are always accomodated. Something in the Waterman #5 to #6 size is good. Other special requests may be considered.