Droplet Overlay Pen

The Droplet Pattern Overlay Pen is the result of a collaboration with Henry Simpole of London, known worldwide for his beautiful silver and gold overlays that can be found on many Conway Stewart and Onoto pens, as well as his own creations.

I'd known Henry for many years as a pen collector. He and I are both drawn to the early 20th century styles, particularly Art Nouveau. It seemed natural that a Simpole overlay would go well over my pen. We started with the idea of designing the overlays such that the pen would have the general appearance of the very early overlays seen on Parkers, Watermans and others. I wanted a design which was not overbearing, and allowed a nice amount of the underlying pen to show through. Henry prototyped the overlay while I prototyped the pen. We got together to see how they fit and the result was a go on our joint project.

A small number of pens were produced, all hand made from German hard rubber in black, two shades of red and blue.

I used three different filling systems on these pens... eyedropper, button filler, and piston.